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End of Summer Dryness!


End Of Summer

The sun is the main cause of a straw-like mane. Most people don't realize that UV rays are bad for both skin and hair. They lift and open the cuticle, the protective outer layer of hair, allowing the moisture inside to seep out. Salt water and chlorine are also to blame. Both are very drying, especially to hair that is color treated or chemically processed.

Prevention: Use products with UV protection. Rethink your sudsing routine too. Avoid shampoos with sulfates. These harsh detergents can strip hairs natural moisture, making it prone to the drying effects of the sun. Opt for sulfate free shampoos. All Creations Salon products are sulfate free.




September Product of the Month

Restore Shampoo, Conditioner, and Mask Treatment are formulated with Living Proof's moisture-controlling molecule, PolyfluoroEster, to restore the protective layer on dry or damaged hair and reduce hair's porosity by 100%. Restore also increases hair's resistance to breakage up to nine times while healing, protecting and preventing further damage. Strength, smoothness, shine and body are restored so that hair looks and behaves like gorgeous "virgin" hair.



Restore System Before and After


September Hair Tip - Fighting Frizz


Fighting Frizz


Avoid Frizz

No one is immune to flyaways on humid days. Frizz occurs when moisture from the air seeps into hair, causing strands to swell. Healthy, hydrated locks won't be able to absorb as much of this excess moisture, so they're less likely to frizz. On the flip side, dry hair will soak up humidity and moisture, leaving hair prone to frizz. Combine damaged summer hair with high humidity levels and you've got the perfect recipes for a frizz-fest. Rather than drying hair with a towel, reach for a cotton t-shirt. The smooth texture creates less friction than rough terrycloth, so the cuticle doesn't get as ruffled. A tightly closed cuticle is essential for staying sleek. It locks out ambient moisture and reflects light, so strands look shiny. Making sure hair is completely dry is another way to avoid frizz. For best results, use a blow-dryer with cuticle-smoothing ionic technology, and avoid drying in the bathroom post-shower...the steamy air will sabotage your efforts. Keep in mind that regular blowdrys can be damaging, so try to stretch one out for a few days.

Be frizz-free and smooth for 48 hours. The scientists at Living Proof have discovered the first new anti-frizz solution in over 30 years to do what silicones and oils can’t. No Frizz eliminates frizz by blocking humidity, smoothing without weighing hair down and repeling dirt to keep hair cleaner longer.


What to do About End of Summer Fading


Avoid Frizz

Whether you color your hair or not, the sun can wreak havoc on your hue, bleaching it several shades lighter over the summer. If you color your hair, you may also notice other changes. For instance, brunettes turn brassy and blonde's look dingy. When hair is damaged, color molecules from the dye start to slip out, altering the tone. Also, chlorine leaves a greenish cast that is especially noticeable on blonds.

A quick fix for this is a clarifying treatment and a glaze. A clarifying shampoo can remove mineral buildup from your hair that you may have gotten from the pool, leaving it dull. A glaze will replace the color molecules that slipped out due to the suns damaging rays and correct brassy faded tones that often appear during the dog days of summer.


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